Freya K.
Hello, everyone! I just came by to ask if Tethys Bio will soon have seminars about diabetes. If yes, please tell me! I really want to be updated and participate in your new activities and be more knowledgeable about this disease. I’ve been trying to be updated these past few weeks but I don’t get any news.

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Jolina S.

Hi, Freya. I heard that they actually have no new activities for this month but I believe they will have new seminars and programs next month. If you want to be notified or updated about their activities, I suggest you give them your email on this website. It’s super easy and I guarantee that you will get their message if ever they have new activities to do.

Freya K.

Thank you so much, Jolina! I will make sure to do that as soon as possible to finally get the news I’ve been waiting for. Your answer was really helpful, I appreciate it so much.

Carla L.

Hi there, Freya. If you don’t get any news from this website, they probably have no plans for new activities or seminars. If they have, they will notify you immediately if you give them your email so it’s better to provide your email and receive messages. Many people do that and it’s really helpful. I did give my email as well and I regularly receive messages so I get to participate in their seminars and programs. Don’t forget to check the forum section as well since many people like you are curious about Tethys Bio’s programs and seminars too and will get accurate answers in the future.

Freya K.

Thank you, Carla. I did give them my email, thanks to you and the other responders. I am glad that you responded to my message! I will make sure to check the forum as well.