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This includes reviews, as well as photos. I will try to explain the benefits, and what to look for in a good sex toy.

The good sex toy:

I am going to give a summary and my rating to each sex toy I have reviewed. Each of them has a different reason for my rating. I have also included the main sex toy manufacturers and reviews. So here is my breakdown. 1. Tantus Xtreme Stretch – I feel this toy has a very unique design. It is very hard and sturdy. It's a great beginner toy. It feels like a thick rubber, and the head has an extremely long ridge. It is easy to clean. 2. Tantus VixSkin – Another great toy from Tantus. It feels very soft, and I don't see any breakage. You just have to care for it. 3. Tantus Super Soft Eros – This toy has an even softer head. It is very soft. 4. Tenga Lace – This is not a toy you can take the time to wash. It is hard plastic, and will get dirty. 5. Tantus Soft Cloth – It is a very soft, very soft, and extremely soft, super flexible, and flexible. This is one of the most amazing toys I have ever had.

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Sex Toys is apparently one of the most optimal ways to increase pleasure in the long term, but what...