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Some people like to remove the blackheads and blackheads on the skin and apply lightening cream. These are the products I am reviewing.

I am not a dermatologist and I am reviewing products for my own use. My experience is personal and not medical in nature. My review is purely my opinion.

Lightening cream for light skin is available in two main categories: creams for dark skin and lotions for light skin. Each of these two categories are not as effective at lightening your dark skin as lightening your light skin. It doesn't make sense to me why it is sold as a skin lightening product. It is possible to get similar results from using a lotion (lightening) than from a cream (darkening). For example, I used an orange-yellow lightening cream for my skin to try and achieve my desired result, and then a white-yellow lotion as a mask. I wasn't able to get the same results as the cream, but I had the benefit of using both a cream and a lotion. I have since found out that I would have been better off with a cream. If you are looking to use a lotion (not a cream) then you should be using an ingredient in that cream that is the opposite of the one in the lotion, like avocado, sunflower seed oil, or coconut oil.

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