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How Does Sex Hormone Treatment Work?

Sex hormone treatment is one of the biggest questions you will be asked. The hormone treatment that you get depends on your level of estrogen, which is what gives you the female sex hormones. In general, if you have the highest levels of estrogen, you get more sex hormones. There are some women that don't have too much estrogen, so they don't have as much sex hormone. Also, some men can't produce enough estrogen to produce sex hormones. The hormones that you get from sex hormone therapy are usually the ones that have a positive effect. A few things to note:

Your hormones are measured in the amount of testosterone, and not your estrogen. Testosterone can come from your diet, your skin, your hormone levels, or your partner's hormones. If you're on the low side, and you're looking for a sex hormone, look for products that will raise your testosterone levels. Some people, if they can't get high amounts of testosterone from their diet or their diet is lacking in nutrients, might have a low amount of estrogen. The products that you'll find with this label are designed for this population. Most women who take testosterone products are on the high end of the spectrum, which means they're at least on the 50% or lower end of the hormone scale. I've found that there are about 2-3 products that are specifically made for women.

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