food cravings

How to deal with food cravings

I’m sitting on the couch and I’ve had a week of hard work. I am tired and satisfied. I look back on a week in which I have achieved many results. I have been productive, I have asked a lot of myself and I have been immersed in everything with conviction.
It sometimes fails to cook extensively for myself, but fortunately I managed to eat healthy despite the hustle and bustle. I think I have earned something nice. I am allowed to reward myself with something tasty because I try so hard.

Food cravings

In the closet a box of delicious chocolate beckons. I’d like that. I doubt for a moment and think that it’s not really that good for me. Yet the lust conquers the lust of love. I take the box of chocolate and eventually eat it all empty. Because if you have started anyway, it doesn’t really matter anymore. Then I just keep on eating. It feels like pure lust, in the long run you don’t even really taste what you’re eating anymore. So the way you look at food can make the difference in the choice of your food and the quantities you eat.

Hedonism: feeling good for a moment

The goal of a hedonist is ephemeral pleasure, the sensation, the feeling it gives you. The nice feeling you get from certain things can be addictive. For some it’s the blissful feeling of playing sports, for others it’s that good food. It makes you feel good physically for a while. You ‘enjoy’ it. If you actually label this as such, there is a chance that you will increasingly feel the need for it. You associate a good feeling with food. Once your brain has gotten used to looking for this reward, it won’t give a quick stop signal. You give in to pure lust.

Eat consciously

By being aware of what you eat and also in the moment consciously enjoying the food, you will eat more out of love than out of lust. Mindful eating is also called it. Eat consciously, smell, look and taste consciously what you eat. Consider the size of the portion, your hunger, the mood in which you are, the situation, how you eat and how you feel an hour after eating. This ensures that you become aware of what it will bring you. You can keep a diary about this for a while to see what you eat out of lust and what true love for your body is.

Love for your body

Out of lust, you can admit to anything that briefly gives you that feeling of happiness. Nice for the short term, it only doesn’t do you much good in the long term. Often shortly after you have given in to your need for bad food, feelings of regret and shame come to the fore. It doesn’t make you happy. When you start to see good food as something that makes you happy, your body starts asking for it. By eating healthy food you show love for your own body. Why should eating badly be a reward? Good food is a reward for your body and ultimately also for your mind. Because you are comfortable in your skin, feel fit, you experience a feeling of being happy in life. So it’s just a matter of what you see as a ‘treat’…

Love your body

Lunch Beat: Move that body!

What’s Lunch Beat?

Lunch Beat started as an experiment but has now grown into an international trend. In June 2010 Molly Ränge organized a Lunch Beat for the first time in Stockholm; a monthly non-profit dance event that lasts exactly one hour and takes place centrally in the city during the lunch break.
The first edition took place in a disgusting garage and attracted 14 participants. Meanwhile, Lunch Beat has become a true phenomenon in Sweden. And lunchbeat event attracts more than a hundred visitors. Also abroad (e.g. Paris, Oslo, Berlin and Manchester) there is already plenty of LunchBeat.

Who is organising the first Dutch Lunch Beat?

Our southern neighbours organised the first official Lunch Beat at the futuristic MAS in Antwerp at the beginning of June. How nice it would be if the Netherlands at work were to adopt this trend and, in addition to having lunch, now go for a walk once or twice a month together to have lunch. No networking drinks with fatty snacks, beer and wine, but lunchbites on Friday afternoon!
Summer and winter fun, hip and healthy! Who is the first to organize it in the Netherlands?

10 Lunch Beat rules

On the site you can announce your own Lunch Beat. Here you will also find ten rules that every Lunch Beat should meet according to the inventor. These rules are a guideline for everyone who wants to follow the example:
Rule #1: If it’s your first lunch at Lunch Beat, you have to dance.
Rule #2: If it’s your second, third or fourth time lunch at Lunch Beat, you have to dance.
Rule #3: If you are getting too tired to actually dance at Lunch Beat, please have your lunch at some other place.
Rule #4: You don’t talk about your job at Lunch Beat.
Rule #5: At Lunch Beat everyone present is your dance partner.
Rule #6: Any Lunch Beat are to be no longer than 60 minutes long and set during “lunch time”.
Rule #7: Lunch Beat always serve their guest with a 1 Dj-set and 1 take away meal.
Rule #8: Water is always served during a Lunch Beat for free.
Rule #9: Lunch Beat is a preferably drug free environment.
Rule #10: Lunch Beat can be set up anywhere by anyone as long as they are announced as public events, are nonprofit arrangements and are directed by this manifesto.

On the Lunch Beat website you will also find great YouTube videos with examples and enthusiastic stories from participants! Below is a video that I would like to share with you.
What do you think of Lunch Beat? Would you try it? I would like to hear your reactions.