About Us

Tethys Bio was founded and built for the sake of other people. There are so many laboratories, organizations, researchers, and research facilities that open to do the same things we do and we are more than inspired and thankful for all of them. We were motivated years ago to create our own group and be a part of the people in this society that do something in order to help everyone else. Tethys Bio is very concerned about people’s health and knowing how much and how high the risks of getting diseases are, made us think about ideas to do something to prevent it somehow.

Tethys Bio - About Us

We’ve been conducting researches, studies, and did something to let us be heard and share the things we’ve learned so far. There are many diseases out there but Tethys Bio decided to focus on diabetes knowing how much this sickness can affect many people. We often don’t care much about the things we do and the food we eat, and so, the risks of getting diabetes are often neglected as well, oftentimes, until it’s too late. It’s saddening to know that we are not aware of the risks of diabetes especially from years ago so we are more than motivated to reach out to people and let them know about this disease, where and how they might get it, the symptoms, the causes, the effects to ourselves, and of course, how to prevent it.

We also take time to do outreach programs and projects that can make us help people with diabetes and help them prevent it if possible. Our group is more than concerned about each of our health and we sure would like to do these things longer. We encourage you to do the same, help yourself prevent diseases, reach out to people, and support one another.